Effective Communication

Law Offices of Mariela Caravetta was built on the principle that a successful legal practice must have effective communication between attorney and client, and deliver efficient service. We are all bilingual English-Spanish

Dedication to Our Clients

Detailed analysis and preparation of each case enable us to obtain successful results for our clients, avoiding unneeded lengthy litigation. We aggressively fight to protect our clients' rights and interests in court.

Immigration Law

Our firm focuses on immigration matters, handling simple and complex matters. Either as employer trying to fill a job position, or individual interested in residing in the U.S., we first listen to your needs and then provide you with straightforward information about the steps, costs and possible outcome. We apply our 20+ year experience in strategically resolve your particular situation.

Impressive Results

We have an impressive track record of results handling litigation and business issues to clients in the United States and abroad. When you hire us, you are not just hiring a law firm: you are getting interlinked with people who truly care about you, your family and your life.  


Law Offices


No one wants to hire a lawyer. When you need one, you fear the attorney may let you down, be indifferent to your needs and/or charge you a lot of money without delivering proper service. Why is this law firm any different?

Law Offices of Mariela Caravetta was built on the principles of good client-attorney communication and efficient resolution of legal matters. We have built a great relationship with the community over 20 years. Our clientele is based on referrals from satisfied clients. We work hard to be different and want to earn your trust.

A Lawyer For The Immigrant Community


We make every effort to take your problem as if it were our problem.

Our office staff is trained to treat visitors with kindness and respect. Everyone at the office speaks Spanish fluently. We know you are in a stressful situation, and our goal is to relieve that stress by properly addressing the issues.

Law Offices of Mariela Caravetta makes sure you are comfortable with the legal process. We listen to your concerns and answer your questions, providing clear and straightforward information about the possible outcomes of your case and the next steps we will take.

Our clients often tell us that they feel a great sense of relief the very moment they retain our firm because their future instantly looks more certain and they have a place to turn to for their legal questions. When you hire the Law Offices of Mariela Caravetta, you're not just hiring lawyers: you are hiring people who truly care about you, your family and your life.

Our dedication to our clients' results and detailed case preparation and analysis enables us to obtain successful results for ours clients, avoiding litigation and lengthy process and aggressively protecting our clients' rights and interests in court.

Our firm focuses on immigration matters, resolving simple cases and complex matters efficiently, creatively and strategically.

In addition, we have an impressive track record of results in handling civil litigation and business issues to clients in the United States and abroad.

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Other Legal Services

Our experience in litigating in Federal and State Courts in various areas of the law has extended to litigation of civil matters in either jurisdiction. We established our firm on the belief that clients expect and deserve the personalized attention and expertise they get in having attorney Mariela Caravetta handle...

Temporary Visa

Although applying for a temporary work visa seems to involve the submission of only a handful of forms, the information is provided under penalty of perjury and incorrect or incomplete information carries grave consequences. Further, the process most times requires accompanying documentation that must comply with strict guidelines. Lack of...

Immigrant Visa

It is natural for individuals from other countries living in the U.S. to want to bring their spouses, families and fiancé(e)s to live here, too, and to put them on a path to citizenship. Van Nuys Immigration Attorney The general rule with immigration law is that many things are possible,...

Deportation & Removal

If the government wants to remove you from the United States, there are several legal ways to prevent that from happening. Los Angeles immigration lawyer Mariela Caravetta has enjoyed success with all of them:     • Waivers: Waivers for inadmissibility are granted when an individual can show that deportation will...

A Practical and Brief Introduction to the...

In California we have State and Federal Courts. The Federal Courts only have competency in very limited situations, such as lawsuits in which the government or foreign persons or companies are parties to the action, or in actions based in federal laws, such as immigration law. In the great majority...


Attorney Caravetta counts with more than 20 years of practice in California. She is fluent in Spanish. Attorney Caravetta has obtained numerous recognitions and awards from organizations in the community such as Public Counsel, Argentinean Consulate and La Opinion. Attorney Caravetta is exceptionally knowledgeable and proficient in her fields of...

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